Huvitz HRK 8000 A

Huvitz HRK8000A


The HRK-8000A Wavefront auto refractor/Keratometer is the newest generation instrument from Huvitz. This model combines the features of an auto refractor, auto keratometer and an aberrometer into one convenient-to-use instrument. The HRK-8000A is based on the Hartmann-Shack principle and focuses on measuring second-order aberrations, which result in myopia or hyperopia and regular astigmatism. Because correcting second-order aberrations has the highest impact on acuity, which is the eye’s ability to distinguish object details and shape. Wavefront Maps - The HRK-8000A leads better understanding for patients’ eye conditions since it graphically shows the second-order aberrations including myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. In addition the wavefront maps can be printed out. 

RMS (root mean squared) – The HRK-8000A provides RMS to quantify the amount of aberration and describe the magnitude of an eye’s second order aberration for 3.0 mm pupil size.


 Residual Astigmatism - The HRK-8000A measures the refractive error of the total eye, corneal astigmatism and calculates Residual astigmatism. This valuable information provides more information in regards to the eye as an entire system. In addition the residual astigmatism values can be printed out.


Peripheral Keratometry - The HRK-8000A is capable of providing five directional keratometry readings, one central and four peripheral readings. This additional information offers enhanced data for better contact lens fitting.


Continuous Measurement Mode - While pressing and holding down the joystick button, continuously measurement can be completed without a delay to fog the patients vision. This provides quick and rapid measurements.





Sphere: -0.25D ~ +22.00D

Cylinder: 0.00D ~ _10.00D

Pupil Distance (PD): 10mm ~ 85mm

Minimum Pupil diameter: 2mm



Radius of Curvature: 5.0mm ~ 10.2mm

Corneal Power: 33.00D ~ 67.50D

Corneal Astigmatism: 0.00mm ~ 15.0mm



Measurable Pupil/Iris Size: 2.0mm ~ 14.00mm

Memory Data: 10 for each eye

Retro Illumination



The advanced features make the HRK-8000a unmatched performance and speed provides a comfortable patient experience. These include:

  • Touch & tilting color display – The 7″ wide color display provides high color images.
  • Auto tracking – Even an inexperienced user can easily acquire accurate readings due to the 3 diminutional auto tracking feature.
  • Animated guide – When out of the auto tracking range an on screen animated guide is presented to assist the operating how to move the joystick to start the auto tracking mode.